Blockbuster Video still going strong in 2017 in Interior Alaska

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tourist making their way through town may be surprised to discover something they haven't seen in a long time.

Kelli Vey; District Manager>>"Blockbuster has been in the Fairbanks area for 30 years, or close to 30 years."

And you may ask yourself, why?

Andrew Gale; North Pole Resident>>"I just love movies."

There are currently 10 Blockbuster locations left in the country with six of those being in Alaska, which has made the store quite the tourist attraction.

Kelli Vey; District Manager>>"Lots of selfies going on out in the parking lot and in the store. Seeing the excitement that people have on their face when they are kind of reliving childhood."

But for those Blockbuster superfans, it's part of the regular routine.

Andrew Gale; North Pole Resident>>"Oh I come in here at least every Tuesday because that's when the new movies come out, at least every Tuesday."

Jaclyn Silas; Fairbanks Resident>>"I like to go there because I think it gives me and my kids something to look forward to on a Friday night."

Vey says those loyal patrons make Blockbuster great.

Kelli Vey; District Manager>>"These customers that walk through our door are family. We've known them for so many years and seeing their children grow up."

This is Julia Laude reporting.