Battle over booze: Alcohol board restricts distilleries

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board created a challenge for distilleries yesterday, ruling by a 3-1 vote that they cannot sell mixed drinks.
The vote came after months of debate by distillery and brewery operators, bar owners and community members about the rules on the services that drinking establishments can provide.
Under yesterday's ruling, distilleries can serve shots of alcohol and non-alcoholic mixers, but they can't combine them; instead, they could give them to customers, who would have to mix them together themselves.
Distillery owners and their supporters blasted the ruling, saying it was nonsensical and that they would appeal to the Alaska Legislature for a law spelling out serving rules.
The three members of the board who voted in favor of the ruling said they did so in part because there needed to be differentiation between the serving rules for bars and distilleries.
The lone "no" vote on the measure came from Fairbanks-area resident Ellen Ganley.