Baby goats join yoga class for a little fun in the sun

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Nice weather, yoga in the grass and….baby goats?

That's right. Baby goat yoga, also known as "Caprine Vinyasa", has come to Fairbanks once again.

More than 40 yogis lined the grassy hill next to Trax Outdoor Center.

This is the first in-person class the yoga studio has done in months.

Eager participants held their butterfly, mountain, and downward dog poses while goats munched grass and grains around there heads… occasionally jumping over student's mats.

Some yogis came for the class, the socialization and sunshine... while others just wanted some goat snuggling time.

Mike Hajdukovich, owner of Trax Outdoor Center, says that last year they had more than 200 people signed up -- so they had to do it again.

But the real question is, why do people love baby goat yoga so much?

"Clover makes a strong case for why, she just wants to be snuggled all day long and the noises they make are funny, cute hilarious," Hajdukovich said. "The only one that might be better is puppy yoga, but it might be a little more chaotic in a different way with puppies, but stay tuned we will find out," said Hajdukovich.

Goat yoga originated in Oregon in 2016 when a farm owner found comfort in spending time with her goats following a period of depression.

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