Athabascan Fiddle Festival brings Alaskans together through music

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Athabascan Fiddle and Music Festival has been bringing together Alaskans from all over the state to enjoy music, dancing, and food.
The festival is a four day event that started November 1st, and ends this weekend on the 4th.
The festivities are taking place at the Chief David Salmon Tribal Hall.
Organizers say the festival is geared to appeal to people of all ages.
The event begins at 1 P-M and lasts until midnight, and there will be a cover fee at the door.
The Athabascan Fiddle Festival has been going on for the past 35 years.
Festival President, Rose Yaegerlund, says the event brings many members of the Native community together.
Rose Yaegerlund; President of the Athabascan Fiddle Festival>>: "Just to get together and have fun once a year and just music. Music from all over the state even Canada. They come from Canada and Valdez, Galena, Ruby. All over. Bethel. All over the state to come here and have a good time."