Art gallery partners with homeless nonprofit to help at risk teens

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For the entire month of February, the down town gallery is featuring select artwork available for purchase to support the shelter for at-risk teens.
Every year, the owners of the 2 street gallery decide which charity to support during the off-season.
Member owner, Dave Personius (PER-SO-NEE-US) says after researching many charities, deciding on The Door was a "no brainer".
Personius went on to discuss how people can purchase the artwork; while founder and director of Fairbanks Youth Advocates, Mary Lee Bates, told us she is moved by how the artists incorporated the theme of The Door into their pieces.

Dave Personius; Member Owner, 2nd St. Gallery >> "It's a month long silent auction items so you can look at these pieces and decide if you want to make a bid and you can write your name down on that and if there is an item that interests you, you can silent auction. Other ones are straight out purchases. There's others available to raise money for The Door that way."

Mary Lee Bates; Director, Fairbanks Youth Advocates >> "It's really heartwarming that the art that's here and the art that's going to be donated for, where the funds go to The Door, that the artists themselves created those pieces, sometimes very specifically in mind for The Door, passages and transition and going from one place to the next, which so many of our kids are doing."