American Red Cross of Alaska taking donations for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

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As flooding continues to affect Houston and other areas of Texas, many Interior residents have been asking how they can help.

Other than the government, the organization coordinating much of the disaster response is the American Red Cross.

There are already shelters set up, aid workers on the scene, and supplies being distributed in affected areas.

Lori Wilson of the Red Cross of the Tanana Valley says that although people sometimes don't like hearing it, the best and most efficient way for individuals to help with the disaster is simple: Giving money.

"Financial donations are the best, and people hate hearing that, but the reality is in this situation particularly, even if you send your stuff down there, if you're sending coats, clothing, food or whatever, it's going to take time to get there. The airports are closed and the mail service is going to take a while.
And that takes time and money to sort, store and clean whatever is being sent. But financial donations allow us to purchase locally, right there, what it is people need, when they need it."