Alaska's Senators voice support and concerns over North Korean Summit

Fairbanks Senator Lisa Murkowski weighed in on the historic summit between President Trump and North Korean Leader, Kim Jun Un.
Murkowski says she supports the overall purpose of the summit - to denuclearize North Korea - but says the meeting in Singapore is just the first step in an ongoing process.
The Senator believes these face- to- face meetings were an opportunity to hopefully make strides towards achieving the ultimate goal of a nuclear-free North Korea.
Murkowski says that although negotiations are to be taken on good faith, we have to be wary of a regime with a track record of going back on its word.
"I think we need to be very watchful. We need to be very cautious. But again, what you had in Singapore with the meeting of these two men was of significant consequence, and in perhaps working to break down some of what has...has...has propped this regime up for many many years," said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, (R) Alaska.
Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan also voiced his support of the Summit, stating that President Trump deserves accolades for "...implementing a maximum pressure campaign that ultimately brought Kim Jong Un to the table."
However, Sullivan also expressed his concern over the President's plan for demilitarizing the Korean Peninsula.
Sullivan wants to keep bolstering the US's missile defense... regardless of progress with negotiations.