Alaska's Eskimo Ninja visits Interior schools

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Thursday morning the students of West Valley High school got to meet Alaska's Eskimo Ninja Nick Hanson. Hanson is a four-time American Ninja Warrior, four-time Arctic Winter Games Champion, and two-time WEIO World Record holder.

"The kids are my why. They're the reason why I do all of this. The reason why I come out and continue to compete on America Ninja Warrior and these kids are exactly why I do this," Hanson said after the morning’s presentation.

A team from the Native Youth Olympics also joined Hanson in his display to show different Alaska Native games including the One-Foot High Kick, Seal Hop and the Kneel Jump.

“I got the Native Youth Olympics team incorporated and we did some kicks and high jumps and everything like that for the NYO games, that's what made me who I am and this team, this group, this whole school has so much energy it was awesome,” Hanson added.

Students at Lathrop High School, Ryan Middle School, Hunter Elementary School, Two Rivers Elementary School, Anne Wien Elementary School, Effie Kokrine Charter School and University Park were also able to meet Hanson.