Alaska's Christmas tree in D.C. decorated by students from Tanana Middle School

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Christmas tree in the nation's capital received a few gifts from students at Fairbanks' own Tanana Middle School. Lights and elegant ribbons surround the National Christmas Tree, dazzling those who walk past the White House Lawn. Smaller trees represent individual states. And Alaska's Tree, was decorated by a classroom of middle school art students.

"When the arts association called us, a bunch of kids said 'Yeah, we'd be glad to do those ornaments'," said art class teacher Linda Cozzini-Mckirgan's.

The Students of Linda Cozzini-Mckirgan's art class at Tanana Middle School got right to work decorating ornaments representing the state of Alaska. They painted salmon in gold, red and green.

When asked how does it feel to have your art sent across the country, one student said, "I think it's pretty cool how all the people in Washington D.C. and around the world are going to look at our art work."

Cozzini-McKirgan says she's proud of the students and that this was a great opportunity to share slice of Alaskan art with everyone around the world.