Alaskan women still at a disadvantage in the workplace

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JUNEAU, Alaska (AP)- According to a detailed report from the Alaska Department of Labor, the average woman who worked in Alaska in 2015 earned $34,333, and there was nearly a 50 percent chance she worked in health care, or in state or local government. She also made 68 percent of what the average Alaska man earned.

Men earn more in nearly 80 percent of Alaska's occupations and at every age and educational level — even though men and women participate in the workforce at nearly equal rates, and work the same number of quarters per year.

48 percent of the state's workers were women in 2015, but they made 38 percent of total wages. Women's workforce presence and share of total wages have both increased slightly since the late 1980s, when women were 47 percent of workers and earned 35 percent of wages, but over the past decade, both percentages have stayed about the same, with wages hovering around 38 percent.