Alaskan educators participate in marine training

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Fairbanks, Alaska For many in the Interior, seeing the proud faces of the soldiers and airmen living and working in Fairbanks is a daily occurrence - and for a chosen few - they're adding Marines to that list.
Teachers from across the country are getting an inside look into what it means to be a Marine, including a few educators from the last frontier.
Jennifer Botstick from Coloney High School is one of these educators.

"I have daily contact with mostly the juniors and the seniors that are looking into the military," she said.

Over the next few days, these high school mentors will be faced with physical challenges.
Tina Haas with Wasilla High School is excited for the opportunity.

"I think that physical activity and physical agility kind of feeds the mind and feeds the brain," she said.

While already on day one, these Alaskans are already feeling the emotional impacts.

"Just the three at our table, they spoke from their heart, like super inspired and I think that really inspires me to encourage more to take this option because I thick there are so many kids that are just floundering out here, they don't know what they want to do and this would give them something amazing to do for a short time," Tomasina Edgar with Coloney High School said.

Traveling almost four-thousand miles, the staff of Wasilla High School and Colony High School have proven their dedication to provide the best options for their students.