Alaska redistricting planning committee set to begin meeting

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JUNEAU, Alaska The committee that will plan Alaska's redistricting that occurs every 10 years is set to begin meeting, officials said.

AP reports The state's Redistricting Planning Committee is scheduled to hold its first meeting on Wednesday in Anchorage.

Redistricting involves redrawing Alaska's legislative districts to align with figures from the federal census, which also occurs once every decade, officials said.

Final decisions about where district lines are drawn will be made by a separate redistricting board authorized by the Alaska Constitution.

The planning committee's powers include leasing office space for the board, acquiring redistricting computer software and compiling maps and databases, officials said.

The committee's five members include two appointed by the governor and one each by the Alaska Supreme Court chief justice, the House speaker, and the Senate president.

The board members are appointed in the same way as the planning committee, with the additional requirement that members represent different geographic areas of the state.