Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan responds to Iran attacks on U.S. troops

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R – Alaska) has responded to Tuesday night’s attack by Iran on Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops. According to U.S. officials, the attacks, which came as retaliation for the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, did not claim any casualties.

Following Tuesday night's attacks on Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops, Senator Dan Sullivan discusses the future of Iran's relationship with the U.S., as well as the future of Alaskan troops currently stationed in Iraq. (Peter Zampa/Gray)

There are currently thousands of American troops stationed in Iraq, including troops from Ft. Wainwright’s 25th Infantry Division First Stryker Brigade.

In an interview Wednesday morning, Sen. Sullivan said that his first thoughts were of the Alaskan troops. “Obviously, I was concerned for the safety of our troops,” said the senator. “That was my first thought.”

Sullivan brought up a conversation he had earlier in the morning with President Donald Trump regarding the future of U.S. relations with Iran. “In many ways, things have gone well,” said Sullivan, referring to the aftermath of the attack. “We’ve reestablished deterrence.”

“Iran fears us now. They didn’t under President Obama.” Sullivan’s sentiments echo those President Trump uttered earlier during a press conference addressing the attack.

Senator Sullivan’s comments draw additional parallels to Trump’s speech when he discusses the future of the United States’ relationship with Iran. “Since the strikes, my advice to the President this morning (Wed) when I talked to him was that Iran might be looking for an off-ramp here,” said the senator. “It looked like in some ways [they] maybe purposely missed hitting Americans. If there's an opportunity right now not [retaliating] but actually trying to move forward on negotiations with Iran, I said my view is you should take this opportunity."

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