Alaska Railroad repairs earthquake damage, putting worries to rest

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With almost all of our food imported to Fairbanks, some residents have been wondering if they should be stocking up on food and fuel because of the earthquake damaged roads and railways. The Alaska Railroad has been working on repairing the damage to the lines. And according to Tim Sullivan, director of External Affairs, they will resume operations Monday night under 'slow order', which means they will be running at reduced speeds. The Director of Emergency Operations for the Fairbanks North Star Borough, David Gibb, says he does not anticipate any interruptions to the supply chain for either food or fuel.

"In terms of truck traffic, it is possible right now to drive from Anchorage all the way up to Fairbanks. It's slow and we don't advise people to travel, but there is still traffic that's making it up," said Caitlin Frye with the Department of Transportation.

Gibbs suggests residents always have a weeks' worth of food stocked up to be prepared for any emergency that might happen.