Alaska National Guard leader outlines principles, priorities

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska National Guard is bringing new projects to Alaska.
The military group is working on a variety of upgraded programs - including classes on ethical fitness and character development within its ranks.
After taking information from West Point in New York, as well as the Pentagon, Command Senior Enlisted Leader, Sergeant Paul Nelson, says this training has already been provided to mid-rank officers, and soon it will be offered to company-grade officers, including lieutenants.
For Adjutant General Laurie Hummel, this new program is something to look forward to.
Major General Laurie Hummel; Alaska National Guard>>: "We always make the assumption in the military that all of our actions are honorable, that's the default standard; but yet, we don't put any emphasis into the development of people's skills at ethical decision making as a human being, that treats other people at all times with dignity and respect. So, we're really leading the department of defense in these areas and it's very exciting."
Hummel is also excited about the implementation of 'Military Facility Zones', which are a way for local governments to better support and supply military facilities.
With the zones, Hummel says it will be easier for communities to interact with bases and installations.
Major General Laurie Hummel; Alaska National Guard>>: "Military facility zones, even though they have been allowed for some time in the state, we don't have any yet; and the reason is because the law stipulated that, a comprehensive plan for a community had to be updated in order to incorporate a military facility zone. Last year, Senator Coghill introduced senate bill nine and that was, that is now a law and it eases local governments abilities establish military facility zones; and the big difference now is instead of actually having to create any new comprehensive development plan, the military facility zones, as long as they comply with the current zoning regulations you can enact military facility zones."