Alaska Innocence Project receives $250k federal grant to look for wrongful convictions

FAIRBANKS, Alaska The Alaska Innocence Project, has received a nearly $250,000 grant from the Federal Government to look for wrongful convictions in rural Alaskan communities. The grant was awarded in the fall of last year but the funds just recently became available.

The Justice Department gives out nearly $2.5 million each year under the Justice for All Act to look at cases of where people were unjustly convicted.

William Oberly, the executive director of the Alaska Innocence Project says they believe there are undiscovered wrongful convictions especially among native Alaskans.

Oberly says they are beginning the process of locating potential cases that could be overturned.

"We're going to make our presentation to all of the sentence facilities in Alaska. We are going to go to all of the Superior Courthouse locations in rural Alaska, and then from there we will take it where the cases lead," Oberly said.