Alaska Court System working toward electronic filing

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska court system is in the process of switching to electronic filing. Currently clerks have to do everything with paper which takes time, money and space.

This may soon be changing. The court system is testing an E-Filing system in the Kenai Peninsula for a few years and has recently expanded it to criminal cases.

This system will help the public and staff be able to locate files quicker. The switch would also greatly reduce the amount of paper the court uses.

"The electronic filing system is going to be a great benefit to the Alaska Court system, its going to improve public access and also make a lot of functions within the trial court much easier for staff. With regard to the public, it's going to add convenience," Ruth Meier the Clerk of Court said.

She also says that with the new system people won't have to come into court to file paperwork, instead being able to do it from home.

While the system is still being tested and there isn't a date yet that it will be implemented, clerks hope to see it soon.

"I can't wait, I truly cannot," Tessa Tate, the Civil Supervisor in Fairbanks said.