Air Force honors Fairbanks health care workers with flyover

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Eielson Air Force Base honored health care workers today with a fighter jet flyover. The F-35's and F-16's flew over downtown Fairbanks and the hospital to show appreciation for all the work the hospital has been doing to keep us safe during the pandemic. Many hospital staff came out to the parking lot to watch as the jets flew overhead.

F-35s and F-16s fly over the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital to salute health care workers. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

"Today is the tribute to health care workers from the military. And we are out here all excited to receive and appreciate that gesture from the military," said the Director of Surgical Services at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. "I want to see the excitement on every bodies faces as we see them go by and pay tribute to us."

"It's very much appreciated, we don't, we don't always see the thanks or get the thanks necessarily so it's nice when people take the time out of the day to show their appreciation for the first line workers and the job that we do," Cami Slaughter, Instrument Coordinator for the Sterile Processing Department at FMH. "We have gotten the whole hospital out of those taking care of just a few patients that are in the hospital and we are all out here together to watch.”

"It feels like they know that it's been a struggle for a lot more people than us. But they are out here to support what we have been doing. They are new to us and for them to be our here this soon after they just arrived is just pretty amazing," said Bridgett Whenkins, an emergency room nurse at FMH.

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