After Violent year, Four Murders Remain Unsolved

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - With 13 confirmed homicides in the Interior this year, we take a look back at the four that still have no suspects charged in the case.
Sarah Dubowski digs into Fairbanks' unsolved murders of 2017.

Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police department>>"There are people out there that know more than we do, that know different things than we do and we are relying on those people to really look into their past, look into what they can remember from this night."

Shortly after midnight on April 4th Fairbanks resident, 44 year old Jose Alfonso Sifuentes-Morales, also known as "Shorty" was found shot to death on the roadway near Third avenue and Hall Street. The Fairbanks Police Department says he was last seen with an un-identified man.

Detective Peyton Merideth; Fairbanks Police department>>"Surveillance video captured this unknown person that we are looking to identify walking with Mr. Sifuentes prior to the homicide. This video was captured by surveillance video from an undisclosed business on the Old Steese Highway. The individual appears to be wearing a jacket with a hood, a ball cap and pants that have some sort of reflective striping on the bottom of both legs."

Detectives say they are also looking to speak with the occupants of a 2006 to 2013 Chevrolet Impala that was seen prior to the homicide.
The vehicle appears to have a small spoiler on the trunk.
The occupants are believed to have seen or heard something that could be relevant to the case.

Chief Eric Jewkes; Fairbanks Police department>>"So we are asking someone that may know this person, again there is a connection, we may not recognize them immediately, but if you know this person and you are familiar with them, the way they walk the way they dress, where they were at the particular time, may be relevant. So we need some help trying to figure out who this person is so we can talk to them."

On April 14th local resident, 35 year old Carlos Battle, was reported dead at the Alaska Motor Inn on 4th Avenue.
When law enforcement responded, they located Battle at the bottom of the internal stairway and ruled the death a homicide.

Detective Peyton Merideth; Fairbanks Police department>>"We don't have a lot of new information on the homicide with Carlos Battle which occurred at the Alaska Motor Inn. It's cases like this that are difficult to solve. We have individuals that were basically murdered and left for dead, there is no other witnesses there when the police get there, we need the public's help to solve those cases, it's not as always as easy as it is on television."

Just before noon on November 27th, Police received a report of a fight between two women at the Alaska Motel on 15th Avenue and South Cushman Street.
Authorities responded and found 57 year old Jeanette Miller of Fairbanks had been stabbed in her torso.
She later died from her injuries.
Officials say this incident is still being investigated and while they do have a suspect in the case, they are keeping an open mind to new information.

Detective Peyton Merideth; Fairbanks Police department>>"So we are not painting ourselves into a corner, so to speak, we are working on any lead that comes in."

Less than a day later on November 28th, another murder occurred on the 1500 block of South Cushman Street.
43 year old John Thomas Preshaw was found stabbed to death inside his home.
No one has been charged with this homicide but police say they know who the killer is.