Activists take to the street for the 2018 Women's March

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Women's March aims to bring awareness to challenges women face in day to day life.
Last year there were close to 2-thousand participants, and this year was no different.
Those in attendance held their heads and signs high as they marched down 1st Avenue to Cushman Street and back up Noble Street.
Participants were able to seek warmth during the march in businesses like the Hub, Bad Mother Vintage, and The Tap house.
After the march, residents gathered to listen to speakers ranging from health care activists to anti-bullying advocates, and everyone in between.
Elcee Evershed and Michael Bonar shared why they were joining the march, and what it means to them.

Source: MGN

Elcee Evershed; Women's Rights Advocate >> "I am here to support all the women around the world who are not being treated how they are supposed to be and I want to get our rights back, get us where we are equal with everybody and everyone has the same say in what happens."
"It means so much, I am just so empowered."

Michael Bonar; Women's Rights Advocate >> "I am here representing all the women around the world because it is important to me that we respect the people who give birth to us and support them in all their needs and not fair for men to be dictating what women need."
"It means a lot just to be here and be able to not just say Oh I support women's rights. It means something to actually take a step and be there and be a part of the activists."