Active shooter exercise held on Ft. Wainwright

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fort Wainwright police held an active shooter exercise at the elementary school on post. The joint-response exercise included on and off post agencies.

Law enforcement officials ran through an incident as if there was an active shooter inside Arctic Light Elementary school. Officers posed as wounded, and casualties throughout the school.

The simulation was ran through multiple times to practice their response. Although Deputy Chief of Police on Fort Wainwright Jonathan Enlow says there isn't a specific driver for this exercise, he does say that the number of incidents around the country plays a factor in preparing for the worst.

"So with the data coming in statistic wise there has been an occurrence recently throughout the nation and realizing that that's a threat that could easily be brought to our doorstep we want to prepare for it," said Enlow.

Enlow says they hold other exercises throughout the year to prepare for other events such as mass casualties and aircraft crashes.