Abortion protest planned for Roe v. Wade anniversary

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - January 22nd marks the 45th anniversary of the historic 'Roe v. Wade' Supreme Court decision that found state laws banning abortion to be unconstitutional.
For decades since, political wars have raged over abortion, with opponents seeking to limit or abolish the practice, while proponents argue that legal abortions are safer and less common than before the decision, and are protected by constitutional guarantees of privacy and self-determination.
Every year, that debate continues in Fairbanks, and 2018 is no exception.
Tomorrow evening on the Cushman Street bridge, activists will march and wave signs protesting abortion - saying more than 60 million have taken place in the U-S since the Roe v. Wade decision.
Interior Right to Life president, Pamela Samash, who helps organize the event, says her goal goes beyond just trying to overturn the legality of abortion.
She says a major priority is making Interior residents aware of the wealth of resources available to new mothers.
Pamela Samash; President, Interior Rights to Life>>: "If a woman in a crisis pregnancy or a surprise pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy would just give the community of Fairbanks a chance to help her and her baby, I think she would find that she is surprised at the outpouring of love in our community."