AST Standoff Lasts Seven Hours

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska State Troopers Special Emergency Reaction Team, known as 'SERT', was involved in a 7 hour standoff near Airport Way after a suspect refused to comply with an arrest warrant.
Troopers used tear gas, armored vehicles and tactical rifles in an attempt to arrest Curtis Noble
Noble has been evading arrest since July of 2018.
He was wanted in connection with a robbery turned homicide that happened on the morning of July 22nd 2018 when five people entered the home of Wayne Daniel and attempted to rob him, Charles Baptiste and Yauna Taylor.
In the process Daniel and Baptiste were shot, Baptiste died as a result of the gunshot.
Shortly after the incident all of the parties involved had been arrested, except Curtis.
"Troopers recieved some verifiable information that Mr. Noble was at a residence, troopers had been attempting to contact Mr. Noble for some period of time, he was actively avoiding a warrant, one of the charges was for conspiracy to commit murder," said Ronald Wall, Captain of AST D Detachment.
According to charging documents Troopers attempted to serve the warrant but Noble would not come out.
Troopers, with the assistance of Fairbanks Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency, spent the next 7 hours attempting to arrest Curtis.
Troopers used armored vehicles to shoot tear gas into the residence.
Eventually officers entered the building in an attempt to find Curtis.
They used axes, sledge hammers and even chain saws trying to find Curtis.
"After like 6-7 hours later we find Curtis down in his basement hiding he was arrested, no one was hurt, and everything is okay," said Al Bell, an AST investigator.
According to charging documents, Curtis was found in a basement bedroom under a pile of clothing and came out without a fight when he was arrested.
No one was injured during the standoff.
During the standoff, Troopers arrested Curtis' twin brother, Carl Noble, for hindering a prosecution after he allegedly told police that Curtis wasn't in the home.