AK Senators support NOAA to survey Arctic Ocean

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Marine navigation in the Arctic is the focus of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's or NOAA'S Hydrographic Services Review Panel meeting occurring in Juneau this week. They are a federal advisory committee that provides NOAA with independent advice on improving their navigation related services.

Tuesday, they had a joint session with the U.S. 'Integrated Ocean Observing System's' advisory committee, discussing innovative technology and partnerships to address gaps in NOAA services and observations.

Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski sent video statements to the meeting.

"It's no secret that in recent years, the arctic region has faced an unprecedented increase in vessel traffic, but we don't have the necessary supporting infrastructure and importantly data to match this growing traffic," said Senator Dan Sullivan.

"Both IOOS and the National Ocean Service have a ton of work to do in Alaska, especially in the arctic where an immense portion of our polar ocean remains uncharted and under observed. I remain committed to doing my part in congress to support these efforts as we make progress on improving our understanding of this very critical region," said Senator Lisa Murkowski.

NOAA's Hydrographic Services Review Panel meeting is open to the public, and you can watch the webinar over the next two days to stay updated on what they are talking about in Juneau. For more information on how to access the webinar, go to nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/hsrp/hsrp.htm.