Fairbanks Native Association extends work-from-home plan

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Fairbanks Native Association has extends its work-from-home plan through April 10, including their Head Start program.

Executive Director Steve Ginnis made the decision over the weekend, ensuring certain FNA Behavioral Health Services remain open, with assistance over the phone. Staff is available to contact via phone or email for questions as they reach out to program participants.

"It is vital part of the health and well being of people that live not only in Fairbanks, but outside of the region" Ginnis said over the phone. "Being able to turn to FNA for mental health type of services or services related to substance abuse, I think it's very important to continue to have those to operate."

The FNA Behavioral Health programs still open include: Gateway to Recovery, Ralph Perdue Outpatient, Residential and Perdue South, Women and Children Center for Inner Healing, Graf Rheeneerhaanjii, Youth and Young Adult Services, Street Outreach and Advocacy Program, Fairbanks Alcohol Safety Action Program.

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