Alaskan families getting creative with social distancing

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) We want to keep this feature going but need your help.
Please send us your pictures and descriptions of what you are doing as we try to make the best of social distancing to

In North Pole, Tiffany Kamm and her boys are staying busy riding their horse and having their goat pull them in a sled! Look at that view!
Sherry Olson and her granddaughters are shoveling the decks clean all paid positions, of course.
Kelly Doughty says she is enjoying family time while her kids are hanging out at her office.
Lisa Graham says it’s family puzzle time!
Savannah Lampe and family are crafting with hand prints and paint and says they are doing lots of sewing!
Kristi Adams is staying busy outside with her family and says her son may be chewing down trees… All of this down time is making things a bit wacky!
Sierra Tiffany Rife says her and her family are just thankful it’s finally warm enough to go outside in North Pole.
Karen Lord and family are making cute snow creations including a snowman pet!
Teresa Quakenbush spends her time running and walking along the Chena river, enjoying all of Alaska’s beauty.
In Delta Grandma Dana Nichols passes her time with her granddaughter Lucy making doughy creations.
Allison Mogensen and family are bringing positivity to their neighborhood by having a little fun with some snow art.
Morgan Zaverl Clay says her neighborhood at the top of Chena Ridge Road is doing a “quarantine snowman challenge.” In this challenge snow people were built close to the road so walking neighbors could see the creations. Each participant was awarded a top of the line roll of paper towels and the winner receives an 80 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer!

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