Fairbanks man indicted on 18 counts of sexual misconduct with underage males

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) A well-known Fairbanks foster care provider has been indicted on 18 counts of sexual misconduct. Paul Michael Worman, 56, was charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a minor in the first degree and 15 counts of sexual assault two.

Paul Michael Worman, 56, of Fairbanks has been indicted on 18 counts of sexual misconduct towards underage males. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Worman was initially charged with two counts of sexual assault last week. Since then Alaska State Troopers have been investigating Worman.

“Right now we have about four or five victims. We are asking the public to, if they know anyone who has been sexually abused by Mr. Worman or if they know anyone who has been solicited by for sexual abuse or sexual assault by Mr. Worman, to please come forward and contact the Alaska State Troopers," said AST Investigator Al Bell.

All of the alleged victims identified so far have been males. According to Bell, Worman claims to be bisexual. The potential victims range in age from 14 years of age to 35, but Bell said that all of the alleged victims where underage when the abuse took place.

Bell said that Worman has been a foster care provider since the 1990s and has had over 200 kids in his home over the years. He said they believe there are many more victims, and are working to conduct interviews with potential victims.

In 2017, complaints about Worman were received for his conduct and his foster care license was revoked, but no other action was taken against him. Bell said that part of the investigation is to find out what was known when.

“At this point we are investigating that, so we really don’t have all the answers. We are currently, actively investigating why his license was suspended and why nothing was done about it,” Bell said.

Bell encouraged anyone who has been victimized by Worman to come forward. He said that even if someone had come forward in the past and nothing happened, do not be afraid to speak up again. He said anyone with information about the case should call the troopers at (907) 451-5100.

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