City election results certified, winners sworn in

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Members of the Fairbanks City Council and public gathered at City Hall to certify the results of the election and swear in the new members. Mayor Jim Matherly who was reelected took the oath of office as well as Valerie Therrien, winner of Seat C and Aaron Gibson, winner of Seat D.

Matherly who won in a four way race says now he needs to look toward the future. "Well there is really nowhere to go but forward. 2020 is coming and we have priorities we set for the city," Matherly said.

Mayor Matherly talked about some of his priorities for his second term. We're going to jump right in,” he said. We have the city budget which is the number one priority, so the council is going to be getting that and then we are going to have budget work sessions. We are going to focus on public safety again because we have a new police chief, that's still new and we're still recruiting. And we are going to focus on downtown things next summer, ways to increase patrolling."

Valerie Therrien, who was reelected to Seat C says she is looking ahead towards the future. "I think that we have spent a lot of time reacting and we need to start thinking about planning more for our future," Therrien said. Aaron Gibson, who has never served on the City Council says public safety is key for him. "Well I would like to make sure that we continue to have a good public safety department, have a strong police department and a strong fire department, to be able to serve the residence, I think that's important, it's a crucial city service," Gibson said.

One thing they all agreed on was the need to represent the city and listen to its people. "I'm truly trying to be a representative for the entire city of Fairbanks, and there is a lot of people that live here with different ideas, with different thoughts, so as long as I can be open to listening to them, to earn their trust, that I can continue to be a leader that hopefully Fairbanks can be proud of," Matherly said. Therrien echoed his sentiment saying that you need to listen to the other council member and the public to make a good decision.

Matherly, Therrien and Gibson will all serve three year terms.

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