Two dogs tussle with bear in Alaska, caught on camera

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - A man walking in a park came across dog owners whose unleashed pets chased a family of black bears and the situation was caught on camera.

A bear and dog tussle in an Alaska park. / Photo courtesy of Charles Kent

Charles Kent witnessed the incident and recorded much of the animal interaction with his phone.

The video shows one man, holding on to an unleashed dog by its harness, trying to keep it out of the woods. The dog is visibly pulling to get away, barking and agitated.

Another man can be seen shouting and clapping to another dog off screen in the wooded area. Once the other dog pops back into frame, a large black bear can be seen tumbling into the roadway along with it.

Eventually the bear walks off, but the black bear can be seen accompanied by two of its cubs in other photos captured by Kent.

"This could have turned out much worse that it appears," Kent said, adding that it wasn't clear if either dog was hurt in the incident.

Ken Marsh with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said, "I'm not aware of any reports we've received relating to the situation shown here."

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Courtesy of Charles Kent
Courtesy of Charles Kent
Courtesy of Charles Kent

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