45th annual 'Festival of Native Arts' held last Friday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last Friday, the 'Festival of Native Arts' held a fundraiser to support its 45th annual celebration of Alaska Native culture in March 2018.

The fundraiser took place at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center in downtown Fairbanks.
It was a student- run event by the 'Festival of Native Arts' club from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
There was both a silent auction, and a 'dinga draw'.
In a dinga draw auction, an auctioneer holds up an item, and then each person who bids on it holds up a dollar for one of the student volunteers to grab.
If the auction item has a predetermined number on it, then the person with the dollar up in the air at that point wins the item.
Catherine Brooks, who assisted as a faculty adviser for the students, says she was grateful for the student's hard work.

Catherine Brooks; Assist. Professor AK Studies, UAF >> "We just really appreciate the people that support us year after year after year. But we want to welcome, we have some new students you know that come to the university and they sort of find a home in this event and work with each other and become lifelong friends. And I just want to welcome other folks that maybe haven't been a part of our organization or our group or have supported us. So please we welcome all folks, all walks of life."