Evergreen Tattoo owner discusses breaking the glass ceiling in tattoo industry

In many careers, woman are rising to the top and breaking the glass ceiling, including the tattooing industry.
In our 'Community Commerce' spotlight, we visit Evergreen Tattoo Company to speak with one of the first female tattoo shop owners in Fairbanks.

Sarah Maxwell, Evergreen Tattoo Company:
"It's a very male dominated industry and I'm like I can take that easy."

Co-founder of Evergreen Tattoo Company, Sarah Maxwell, is one of the first female tattoo artist to open a tattoo shop in Fairbanks.

Along with her mentor and co-partner, Glenn Vail, she opened the shop in August of this year.

Maxwell began drawing in kindergarten, and during high school, she realized she wanted to focus on tattooing as a career.

In an industry dominated by men, she says it gives her the confidence to strive towards her goals.

"There's a lot of great people out there but I think there are some who believe in the old fashioned way which is women shouldn't be in the tattoo industry, this isn't the place for them. So to know that and to know it's still a thought process of a lot of people that just drives me more to be better and to be more of a competitor and to be more of a threat, threat in a sense of competition."

Maxwell participated in two apprenticeships before meeting her mentor and opening her shop.

"It's hard. Apprenticing is hard. You are the grunt worker. You're the bottom of the totem pole. No one wants to be on the bottom. You have to work your way up. It's very grueling, it's very taxing and it's very hard but if I can do it and anyone else can do it, then they can do it."

Maxwell's preferred art styles are American traditional and Neo-Traditional and she hopes to work up to animal realism and even portraits.

"Everything I draw, is from my mind and completely unique and that's what I like to offer."