GVEA aims at re-opening Healy coal power plant in 2018

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Fairbanks power co-op, Golden Valley Electric Association, says they've set a date for restarting the troubled Healy coal power plant - but it's nearly a year away.

The Healy Unit 2 plant was originally constructed with federal money as a test of experimental "clean coal" technology.

GVEA bought the plant in 2013 for $44 million dollars, aiming to retrofit it for use as a 50-megawatt traditional coal power plant.

But two separate explosions as the plant was restarting operations in 2016 put it out of commission.

The power utility hired an outside firm to help diagnose the problem, which they say was part of the coal feeding system to the plant's boilers.

They're installing equipment to monitor pressure and temperature in that system.
They aim to have the plant back up and operating by July of 2018.