FAI flights rank high in on-time service

Some good news for Alaska air travelers- the two biggest airlines that serve the Fairbanks International Airport are in the top three U.S.-based carriers for on-time flights.

Alaska Airlines ranked second and Delta Airlines took third in on-time flights.
Only Hawaiian Airlines did better.
The statistics were just released by the U.S. Department of Transportation. They cover the month of June.
To be considered on-time, flights must arrive no more than 14 minutes behind schedule.
At about 83-percent apiece, Alaska and Delta were both well ahead of the national average of 76.2-percent on-time.
One airline that's not doing so well? JetBlue Airways, with only 60.6 percent of flights on time, last among major carriers.

1. Hawaiian Airlines - 90.4%
2. Alaska Airlines - 82.9%
3. Delta Airlines - 82.8%
4. Skywest Airlines - 81.0%
5. United Airlines - 79.4%