UAF energy economist says small-bore natural gas pipeline could solve Fairbanks energy needs

Energy was the main theme at Tuesday's Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce business luncheon.

Doug Reynolds, a Professor of Petroleum and Energy Economics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks was the featured speaker.

Reynolds spoke about concerns and possible solutions to Fairbanks energy needs.

His presentation looked at Alaska's energy and economic development problems and America's national security needs. He said a small bore natural gas pipeline might be the answer.

"They put aside 18-billion dollars in the ANGPA act so we could use that money. It's for 80 percent of a pipeline project, to build this pipeline right now. That is, we don't have to wait for an act of Congress. We have money right now, that exists, and it's all up to the Department of Energy, Rick Perry, the Secretary of Energy."