3rd annual Tribal Governance Symposium to take place at UAF

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A three-day forum next week at the University of Alaska Fairbanks will focus on building knowledge, understanding, and relationships with tribal governance.
The 3rd annual Tribal Governance Symposium will take place at the university's Wood Center ballroom, beginning at 8 A-M Monday.
The program will provide an academic setting for dialogue on furthering tribal governance in Alaska.
This year's theme is "Land, Water, and Life", which organizers say was chosen because indigenous Native people have a strong connection with the world around them.
During the forum, tribal leaders will discuss governance, indigenous stewardship, and traditional ways of life.
Carrie Stevens, from the university, explained what makes this forum so appealing to the Native communities of Alaska.
Carrie Stevens; Assistant Professor of Tribal Management, UAF>>: "In the dialogue, we really focus on solutions for tribal peoples to be able to take care of themselves. To be able to practice self-governance and as people are always empowered to take care of themselves and provide the tools to take care of themselves. It's better for the entire state and one thing that's unique about our symposium is that they are based on traditional values and traditional knowledge. They're led by elders and then there's real dialogue focusing in on solutions to issues that we know we have here in Alaska for many many years."