2nd annual Commercial Space Open House hosted last Friday

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Downtown Association of Fairbanks hosted the 2nd annual 'Commercial Space Open House' last Friday - a free event that was open to the public.

The association showcased about a dozen commercial spaces available for lease or sale.
Some of these properties included the Masonic Temple, Heritage Hall, and the George C. Thomas Memorial Library.
Many of these of buildings are part of Fairbanks history.
The self-guided tour began in the lobby of the Co-op Plaza.
Participants were provided with a map, and a list of buildings that are for sale or lease.
Downtown Association Communications Director, Jeremia Schrock, says the event really sparked some interest in the people who joined the tour.

Jeremia Schrock; Communications Director, Downtown Association of Fairbanks >> "When it comes to the tour it's a combination of it's up to you and it's also just open for folks who are interested. So last time we had the open house we had 13 spaces and I think we had 4 that ultimately were sold or leased afterward. So this is an event that actually has a history of success and so folks are coming down mostly who are just curious. But we do get folks who are looking to put in a business or maybe to move a business downtown. And there's a lot of historic buildings in the area that are just available. And I think we have a lot of folks who want to say yeah I want to put something in that space, I have a vision for the Masonic Temple or I have a vision for the old bathhouse and they want to come down they want to see what the space looks like, talk to the realtor, figure out what it might take to make their dream happen."