2018 US House race takes shape

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Next year's candidate slate for Alaska's lone US House seat is starting to take shape.
Last year, Greg Fitch of Juneau, and Dimitri Shein of Anchorage, announced they were running for Alaska State Representative in 2018.
They will both be running in the Democratic primary.
Representative Don Young, who first took office in 1973, announced he filed for re-election last year.
The latest person to declare their campaign was Alyse Galvin of Anchorage, who aims to run as an independent.
Galvin's announcement comes a day after Young's tribute on becoming 'Dean of the House' - a position awarded to the longest serving member in the House of Representatives.
Rep. Paul Ryan; Speaker of the House>>: "The word that comes to mind when you think of Don Young: Loyalty. This man is fiercely loyal. Don Young is fiercely loyal to Alaska."
Rep Nancy Pelosi; House Minority Leader>>: "Congressman Young also holds the distinction of serving as the first Dean of the House, from the republican party, in eighty years. Congratulations."
Rep. Don Young; Dean of the House>>: "Now I will not change being the dean. I will still holler, 'Whup!' I will sometimes get out of line. But in doing so, remember it comes from my heart."