19,000 state employees receive layoff notices

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JUNEAU, Alaska (360N) - Governor Bill Walker issued a statement Thursday regarding layoff notices sent to State of Alaska employees, saying 19,000 Alaskans received the notices, which are required by statute, telling them they would be laid off next month if the legislature doesn't pass a fully funded budget by then.

He said the action is not just about government jobs but affects the overall economy, and will hit the private sector as well as public services.

The state senate convened for about an hour and a half today, looking at opioid laws and House Bill 111, which is a funding bill.

Senator Tom Begich, a Democrat from Anchorage, said that all parties involved have to find mutual ground during this special session.

"As we enter this last month of the fiscal year in support of resolution of this fiscal crisis that we all face that we've all acknowledged." said Begich. "I expect the final resolution will include the best of what the Senate has to offer, the best part the other body has to offer, and the best part of what the administration, the executive branch has to offer. And I remain confident in that process. I remain confident."