10th Avenue is getting a slightly newer look

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The area of 10th Avenue between Cushman Street and the Steese Highway will be undergoing resurfacing work to fix drainage issues and upgrade sidewalks to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Caitlin Frye with the Alaska Department of Transportation said they hope to have work wrapped up within a week and talked about how the construction will impact traffic.
"So the road is going to be closed, or at least traffic restricted, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, and lasting for about a week. The cross streets will be open for the most part except during paving activities, so there will be a few hours here and there that those cross streets won't be accessible, but for the most part they will remain open during this project." Frye said.
Frye said this is just one part of a larger project to upgrade surfaces around Fairbanks. On the University/Geist project, contractors are pouring concrete for the medians and are looking to start paving the East side of University, South of the intersection. Once the paving is completed, the contractor will direct traffic flow to the paved section and begin work on the West side of University. Work on the Farmers Loop project is concentrated at Mushers Hall and to the East with laying pavement and installing culverts, and contractors on Phillips Field Road have finished installing the piling and are laying the foundation for the retaining wall.
Business access is still open for all the ongoing projects and will remain open through their duration.