Lev The Lab

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KXDF)- Are you looking for an affectionate four–legged companion to go hiking with this summer? Meet one year old Lev the dog. Lev can be shy at first, but once he gets comfortable he's ready to play and be active.

This is Lev, News 13's Pet of the Week.

Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's pet of the week is Lev. Lev is a one and a half year old Lab and Akita mix.

He is a male, and he is a really fun puppy who is looking for a new loving home. He came to the shelter because he was not making good choices and his owner was not able to change the situation to keep him from making those bad choices, like getting into the trash.

He has been a really great dog at the shelter, when he first came in he was a little shy and nervous but he's really come out of his shell and got a lot of socialization.

He really likes people, even children. Lev has not been completely housebroken but he's really getting the concept well at the shelter and he is really social and loves to play with toys, so he definitely had a good foundation when he was a puppy. But, he still is basically a puppy and he needs a home that is going to train him and give him lots of exercise and definitely a home that'll keep him in a fenced yard or on a leash.

Lev is really affectionate, he's a little nervous in new situations so he'd benefit from lots of walks this summer so he can see new things.

Lev is a young, active dog that's hoping to find a family that will love him up and take him on hikes. He also has other dog and cat friends at the shelter looking for loving homes.