Emergency responders hold Active Shooter practice at FAI

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF)- If you heard some commotion at Fairbanks International Airport today, it was probably local first responders practicing a live action shooter response at the International gate and customs area.

The station accompanied the officials as they completed the drill.
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Dozens of police officers, Alaska state troopers, and Fire and E–M–S officials worked together, simulating a live shooter at the International gate and customs area of the Fairbanks International Airport.

"We're going to do an active shooter scenario, that'll take place upstairs in our international area, we're going to have six victims, and we're going ot bring in teams of law enforcement officers to go up and to neutralize a threat in the law enforcement area, and then we'll have other teams coming up and securing areas where we could bring in our EMS responders to be able to provide early and rapid EMS treatment to help the survivability of the victims and shootings."

Before the exercise began several victims were placed around the Gate and Customs area, pretending to be hurt or dead. A shooter stood near gate 5 with an airsoft gun.

Much like the action scenes in movies, Law enforcement officers entered from downstairs and headed towards the gated area, taking control of the shooter and the situation.
E–M–S, escorted by law enforcement, came in next to attend to the victims.
The group ran through the exercise several times and at the end reviewed what could be improved.
A–S–T Captain Ronald Wall says training with other first responders is important in building teamwork.

"Although we work together and we work on the same scenes quite frequently, we don't often train in how we interact with each other, this is actually a team concept, and one component of the team is only as good as the other component, so we need to train together and make ourselves better and that's hopefully what we're doing here todaY."
Alaska State Trooper, Brian Wassman, debriefed the group, letting them know it's not if this happens in the community, but when.

"You know I look forward to more trainings like this in the future that get more and more fire department personnel linked up with the police to start practicing this because as I said earlier to the police group, it's not a matter of if this happens in our community, it's a matter of when."
Sarah Dubowski Reporting.