Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin

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Beef Tenderloin
Thick cut bacon


1. Heat up your smoker to 250°.
2. Remove silver skins off of the tenderloin and discard.
3. Roll tenderloin in melted butter.
4. Mix all spices and generously cover the tenderloin on each side.
5. Lay out the bacon on a baking sheet. Make sure to butt them up next to each other without overlapping.
6. Lay the tenderloin about midway up the bacon, leaving the ends of the bacon exposed. Take these ends and lap them up and over the meat.
7. Roll the meat over the rest of the bacon, completely encasing the tenderloin.
8. Place the tenderloin in a smoker at 250° for 60-90 minutes, until internal temperatures reach 123°.
9. Rest the meat for 15-20 minutes to allow the meat to reabsorb the juices.
10. Cut tenderloin into steaks and take to your grill, where you will add some nice grill marks on it while cooking it to your preference. Once done, place onto a plate and cover with a nice béarnaise sauce.