388 Old Chena Pump Road Fairbanks, AK 99709

At Lemongrass we are committed to provide all of our guests with the best taste, value, and even better health through our fine cuisine.

The Navachai family would like to welcome you to the LemonGrass! Our family has been dedicated to serve Fairbanks with fresh, healthy and authentic Thai cuisine since 1996. With our extensive menu, we are hoping to offer something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

Harmony is the guiding principle behind Thai dishes, so please be sure to tell us how hot you like your dish prepared: Mild, Medium, Hot, or Thai Hot!!! Enjoy the freshness and crunchiness of our locally grown organic produce, Alaska Grown, during summer and fall seasons!

Gift Certificates are also available! Don’t forget to consider us to cater your next business meeting or host your next party. Pick up our to-go menu today!

Services/Products Offered:

Vegetarian entrees
Seasonal specials (Alaskan seafood, locally-grown produce)
Homemade, authentic cooking style

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Sat 11a-4p, 5p-10p