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I’m Josiah Martin, your weekend sports anchor/ reporter.

Broadcasting wasn’t the original plan, but the last year has proven to be one of growth through working at the station.

Since I was ten I found myself improving on my video production skills with just the basics; a home-video camcorder that ran on tape, and when I finally got my hands on a digital camera, Windows Movie Maker for XP! Though being one of the most restrictive platforms to create videos on, I learned through trial and error what I needed in order to bring my vision to life. I found groups of friends between Juneau (my original hometown) and Fairbanks who also found an immense joy in creating short films.

Through my years of self-published material, stage-plays and class projects, I grew as both a producer and an actor. Near the end of my high-school career though, I started to lose my passion for the art and started to lose track of my career plans.

Now, Christmas weekend of 2015 I was attending a service at a local church where Jon Huff of Alaska Universal Productions had me help him out on the sound board. By the end of that night he offered to pay for a cinematography class at UAF that January. That one opportunity propelled me into a very promising career thus far, working under Jon with stage production, Senator Murkowski on her 2016 campaign ads and Autozone on their 2017 battery commercials.

Now I work full-time at KTVF Channel 11 as a commercial producer, and you’ll see me during the weekend edition of the evening news bringing you the latest in sports with the help of Devin Fry. I hope I can serve you well, Fairbanks!