UAF Students Sound Off on Tuition Increase

Folk school Offers Hands-on Skill Instruction

Pipeline Training Center Celebrates Graduation

University's Legislative Internship Program Gets a Boost

Spruce Tree Montessori to add 7th, 8th Grades

Noel Wien Library Hosted the Community Trade Exposition

Arctic Design Group Visits Alaska

UAF Hosts 2017 Convocation

Eielson AFB & Ft. Wainwright Colonels join FNSB School Board

Community Volunteers Support Lathrop Teachers, Staff On The First Day Of School

UAF Cuts Economics Program

Rural Alaska Honors Institute Graduates Class Of Community Leaders

UAF Engineering Building Will Open In September

UA Board Approves $317 Million Budget, $8 Million Less Than Previous Year

UA Facing Loss Of $8 Million To Operating Budget

UA Museum Hosting Live-Action Painting As Part Of Polar Bear Exhibit

Rural Alaska Honor Institute Students Run Midnight Sun Run For UAF Curriculum

School Board Discusses Measure To Change 5 Interior Schools Into K-8

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