Anchorage man leads Fairbanks Law Enforcement on 30 mile chase

Six people arrested in last week's North Pole Shooting

High-speed chase ends in arrest

TCC employee charged in vehicle accident

Two Shot in North Pole Break-In

Fairbanks Man sentenced in Murder case

Machete wielding man apprehended at Pioneer Park

Update on the Officer Involved Shooting

Fairbanks Man is key Suspect in Murder

Five men face felony charges after starting a prison riot

Two local men pleaded not guilty in Fairbanks Superior Court

Local man Arrested after Stealing a Dump Truck

North Pole man found guilty by Federal Jury

Fairbanks man Arraigned on Multiple Charges Including Kidnapping

Arvin Kangas’ Appeal has been Rejected

Local Man Charged with Assault With Bear Spray

Four men plead Not Guilty to charges at the Fairbanks Court House

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