ATV Rider Filing Lawsuit Against Former FCC Officer

Zachary Whisenhunt Found Guilty Of The 2014 Murder Of Jenessa Kempski

Jury Deliberating Following Closing Arguments In Whisenhunt Murder Trial

Russell Burris Pleads Guilty To 2015 Murder Of Mandy Clemmons

Whisenhunt Denied Acquittal Request: Closing Arguements Monday

Zachary Whisenhunt's Mother Asserts Innocence Of Son In Murder Trial

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Defense Attorney's Find Holes In Investigator's Case

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Phone Calls From Jail, Testimony Heard In Courtroom

Medical Examiner Unclear On Janessa Kempski's Official Cause Of Death

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Cell Tower Expert Explains Location Tracking

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: DNA Experts Identify Whisenhunt DNA On Kempski Clothing

Claude Fowlkes Sentenced To 100 Years In Prison

Man Accused Of Murder With Hatchet At Club Manchu Arraigned

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Last Video Footage Of Janessa Kempski Reviewed

Whisenhunt Murder Trial: DNA Of Two Men Found On Janessa Kempski

Roberto Leal Pleads 'Not Guilty' To Murder Of Girlfriend, Robyn Gray

Jury Selection Begins In Trial Of Man Accused Of Murdering Janessa Kempski

North Pole Man Sentenced To Two Years For Sexual Abuse Of Two Girls

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