Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Phone Calls From Jail, Testimony Heard In Courtroom

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Testimony continued today at Fairbanks Superior Court in the murder trial of Zachary Whisenhunt.

The prosecution questioned the lead investigator, and offered recorded interviews into evidence.

Zachary Whisenhunt is accused of the gruesome 2014 murder of Jenessa Kempski.
Last week in opening statements, Whisenhunt's lawyers told the jury the defendant was innocent because Isaac Horman-a man Kempski spent time with days before her murder - is the true killer.
During questioning the prosecution asked lead investigator, Robert Bressler, why Horman was no longer a suspect. He told the court, the location Horman's phone was placed on the night Kempski was believed to have died, dismissed him as a person of interest.

"Based on the scene, the way the scene looked, where her body was found off of the trail, there was blood on the trail and the luggage where it was found and the short time frame of when he hits off of the North Pole tower to the time he has locational data in Fairbanks, that time wasn't sufficient enough to drive out to that area, make the scene look the way it is, and then drive back."

Investigator Bressler then presented phone conversations recorded from jail between Whisenhunt and another person.

Zachary Whisenhunt- Recorded conversation from jail:
"They have, they've been spinning their wheels for two months. They have no suspect, the only thing they have is the last person she was seen with was Isaac. Isaac had nothing to -- do with it. I know details about that -- that nobody knows but the -- medical examiner and the police that investigated the --."

In an interview with the Alaska State Troopers, Whisenhunt told officers the location of Kempski's body, the type of injury she sustained, and that she had drugs in her system.
Whisenhunt also told the troopers he had never met Kempski .

"I'm gonna let you, we've been talking here, you haven't said too much so I'm going to put the ball in your court."

"Well for one, like I said, I never knew the lady."

"So you're saying you weren't with her? And you didn't have sex with her?"


During previous testimony, Forensic Scientists told the court Whisenhunt's DNA was found on Kempski's clothing and his chromosomes under her fingernails.
The Defense is expected to cross-examine Investigator Bressler and push back against his testimony on Wednesday.