Whisenhunt Murder Trial: Defense Attorney's Find Holes In Investigator's Case

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New information about other suspects came to light on Wednesday in the murder trial of Zachary Whisenhunt.
Whisenhunt is accused of the 2014 murder of Jennessa Kempski.

The defense, led by Emily Cooper, got their chance at poking holes in Alaska State Trooper Investigator Robert Bressler's case.

Cooper brought up Isaac Horman's call history with Jenessa Kempski.
The defense is attempting to prove Isaac Horman is the killer, not Whisenhunt.

Kempski and Horman had spent several days together just hours before she was last seen.
The couple had conversations via text message and facebook on October 22nd.

Kempski was last seen on camera in the wee hours of October 23rd.
Her body was found November 2nd: 10 days later.

Cooper questioned Investigator Bressler to see if Horman had attempted to contact Kempski during the time she was missing.

Emily Cooper, Defense Attorney:
"Is it fair to say Isaac never called Jenessa after she disappeared on 10/23?"

Robert Bressler, Lead Investigator:
"There is no evidence of that, on the phone."

The state rebutted, citing the two had an argument October 22nd.

Elizabeth Crail, Assistant District Attorney:
"Does it surprise you, that given the argument, they might have not been talking, even if she had been around?"

Robert Bressler, Lead Investigator:
"That's correct, it doesn't surprise me that he ends all communication with her after they have an argument."

The defense asked about the number of people interviewed in the investigation.
Bressler said of the 23 questioned, 10 suggested AST look into Isaac Horman, while only 1 person suggested Zachary Whisenhunt as a possible suspect.

Cooper pointed out that Isaac Horman had given a statement to officials about what he had heard happened.

Emily Cooper, Defense Attorney:
"And he had heard that she was cut up and raped, cut up and beaten?"

Robert Bressler, Lead Investigator:
"Beaten, I think, is the terms he used."

The state countered by exploring the reasons why Zachary Whisenhunt's statements were given more attention in the Investigation.

Robert Bressler, Lead Investigator:
"That's why we cared so much about his statements. The first recordings that you had heard, that he knew stuff that only the Medical Examiner and we would have known, peaked an interest. The email that I received from him that you guys saw, peaked at interest. Because it was different from the rumors that we were hearing and it was specific to the location."

The prosecution rested their case.
The defense is expected to call witnesses Thursday.