VA Healthcare Official Visits Alaska

The director of the Veterans Administration healthcare system for Alaska was in Fairbanks to hear what area veterans have on their minds.
In a listening session at the Fairbanks National Guard Armory, Doctor Timothy Ballard reported on what's been happening with the Alaska V-A since he took over a year ago.
The main complaints from those attending were concerns with the length of time they had to wait for appointments, sometimes having to travel long distances for care, and having to call Anchorage to talk with someone at the veteran's clinic on Fort Wainwright.
Doctor Ballard said one positive change will come about in the near future.
"You all have talked about having access to information, being able to reach out and call somebody when you need it and not knowing always where to turn to. So we created a one stop shop. We have a phone number. We have an email page we have an office in our Anchorage hub and we're in the process of trying to hire two additional staff to be customer service agents for that. So within about a month or two months we are going to have this live where any veteran across the state can call one number within our system and get the answers they need for the health care issues and benefits questions they have."